Digital Signatures on Blockchain

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Take control of your ID

The utility of blockchain in your hands

Sign Documents - Protect Creations - Capture Evidence

Secure documents, photos, audio, video, designs, code etc - by directly signing the data itself with your Digital ID.

Prepare, send or present your files for signing - from storage or CMS to a mobile, TV, paper, or integrated screen.

Remove doubt with real-time audit trails, and clickable signatures that prove who signed what and when.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital ID?

You probably already have one; A Google or Facebook account. With Blockchain, you can create your own ID - that lives securely on your device, that only you can control or access. So it becomes trusted and usable as an extension of your physical self.

Is my ID secure?

Yes. It can’t be hacked, guessed, replicated, or faked. Therefore, the data you generate becomes reliable - such as in signing a contract, which you wouldn't do with a Facebook account. Authenticate users through biometrics - e.g fingerprint or face recognition. We can tie this to a government ID card/passport, where we use OCR to first check for validity and then extract identifiers to create a verified ID for high value transactions.

Does it have Legal standing?

Yes. 'Off-Blocks' uses a signature that has legal standing; it more than qualifies as an 'Advanced Electronic Signature' under eIDAS - it is binding in almost every situation. Our blockchain API's were recently validated by the EU commission. Our underlying blockchain is in testing by the US Government. And a precedent was set in court, where a Judge ruled that files signed on the blockchain are legally admissible as evidence.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Your sensitive data is not stored on the blockchain, only the proof of it. This proof is published as a public witness only, enabling later verification if required. Your data or documents are not handled or viewable by anyone other than yourself. They remain in your secure storage or CMS where you can verify and share the authenticity of the records independently at a later time.

What if I lose/replace my phone?

You can restore your Digital ID to a new device by using the unique ‘Seed’ generated during creation. This allows you to resume publishing from the same account. That’s why it’s important to backup your ‘Seed’, and keep it safe. Without it, you’ll have to create a new Digital ID on your new device.

What devices can I use it on?

You can use 'Off-Blocks' on iOS or Android, phone or tablet. We recommend using a newer model in order to enable fingerprint or face recognition. It's a security feature that adds to the standing of your signatures and makes the user experience more fluid. We're also releasing a cloud portal so you can better prepare, send, track and manage your files; Integrated into your storage of choice.

How do I deploy it in my organisation?

Our technology can easily be integrated with your existing systems to send files or data for approval and signing, as well as returning these signed files into your backend. We offer a number of standard plugins from leading CMS such as Sharepoint, Alfresco and Documentum as well as easy-to-use Rest API's.

What blockchain do you use?

We use the Factom Protocol to secure the integrity of our data. It's 2 token system has the advantage of allowing fixed transactions priced in dollars which we can pass onto users. Crucially, this means you don't need to buy or handle any cryptocurrency in order to use our service.

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